What is the 100pt system?

What is the 100 point system? This is an explanation of the computer print out that you receive after a prelim and/or open championship at a feis. It shows the first, second and third place ranking (sometimes up to fifth place) and your ranking after each round (reel/slip jig, jig/hornpipe and set). Your raw score […]

What should my child wear to class?

GIRLS: Please pick from the following options: Leotard, dance skirt or “skort”, socks or tights and black ballet slippers T-shirt (only solid color or Gray School apparel*), dance skirt or “skort” white socks or black tights and in the colder weather leggings and dance shoes. A “skort” might be more comfortable for some rather than […]

When do I need a Traditional Dancing Costume?*

Many children take dance class just for the pure enjoyment of dance and for the exercise. Your child should get a school dress/costume when they are going to go to dance competitions regularly, is in a ceili team or would like to dance out in area shows. Beginner and Advanced Beginner level dancers who enter […]

How long should my child practice?

The famous statement “Practice makes perfect” is so true. A little bit of practice each day makes a huge difference. Practice helps a child to remember what they have been taught. The average child attends one dance class a week so they are bound to forget something. They go to school five days a week […]

What is a feis and when do I enter?

Check with your teacher before entering any feis. The word feis (pronounced fesh) comes from a Gaelic word meaning “festival”. In the context of Irish dance today, it means “competition”. When and where are these feiseanna held? Dance schools and other interested Irish organizations hold dance competitions throughout the year, all over the country and […]