2004 Major Championships Results

2004 All Ireland Championships

Kelly McCourt – 8th place
Medaled in Reel Girls Under 11

Katie Sharnick – 14th place
Medaled in Slip Jig and Hornpipe Girls Under 15

Philippa Brillis – Recalled in Jig, Girls Under 17

2004 North American Championships

Solo Championships

Kelly McCourt – 6th place, Girls Under 10B

Christina Dolzall – 16th place, Girls Under 19

Catherine Thorne – 27th place, Girls Under 16B

Hali Thorne – 31st place, Girls Under 10

Mary Kate Langlois – 36th place, Girls Under 16B

Andrea Stillson – 40th place, Girls Under 14A

Caitlin Shay – 43rd place, Girls Under 12A

Shannon Hayes – 49th place, Girls Under 15A

Ceili Teams

Eight Hand Under 11 – Team A – 2nd place
Caitlin Cloonan, Carlie Gehrman, Kristina Hancock, Kendall Krafick, Kelly McCourt, Erin Morton, Kate Stevens and Bridget TeeKing

Eight Hand Under 16 – Team A – 9th place
Katie Sharnick, Shannon Hayes, Megan Fahey, Katelin Hawley, Tilly Philbrick, Colleen Mello, Catherine Thorne and Andrea Stillson

Eight Hand Under 13 – Team A – 14th place
Erin Monahan, Kiera Wood, Nicola Gallagher, Elizabeth Erwin, Megan Meier, Gena Stillson, Hali Thorne and Mackenzie Dancho