What should my child wear to class?

GIRLS: Please pick from the following options:
  • Leotard, dance skirt or “skort”, socks or tights and black ballet slippers
  • T-shirt (only solid color or Gray School apparel*), dance skirt or “skort” white socks or black tights and in the colder weather leggings and dance shoes.
  • A “skort” might be more comfortable for some rather than a skirt. If you choose a skirt, proper trunks should be worn under it or the short lycra shorts NOT the box style loose fitting sports shorts.
  • It is required that Hair must be pulled back away from the face into a single pony tail or bun. No bits of hair hanging around the face.
  • Poodle Socks which may be ordered from your teacher

**It is strongly recommended that all girls over the age of 12 wear a proper fitting and supportive sports bra to class. Please keep in mind that all classes are co-ed and modesty is required.**

BOYS: T-shirt, (solid color or authorized Gray School apparel) shorts and dancing shoes

The following are prohibited:

  • Cami (Camisole shirt) with straps showing (even layered) or low cut shirts
  • T-shirts that have any brand labels, team logos or other corporate logos other than or authorized Gray School apparel
  • Shorts that contain graphic messages, such as “Kick Butt” or any other offensive sayings
  • Loose zipper hoodies or loose fitting sweatshirts. For those that need a sweater, a black wrap style dance sweater may be worn (by Capezio or Danskin) which is very neat and won’t fall off.