**Hotel Booking – 2016 North American Irish Dance Championships

NAIDC-Logo-5_sm-2016General hotel booking for the 2016 North American Irish Dance Championships will open on Monday November 2nd at 10am (U.S. Eastern Standard Time). Our host hotel is the Orlando Marriott World Center at 8701 World Center Drive, Orlando, FL 32821.  We also have a range of Overflow hotels, opening on the same day.


Details on each hotel will be available soon.  You will not need an access code to book any of the hotels and booking is online only.

You will be charged a one night non-refundable* deposit at the time of booking. * Deposits will be ref-unded to dancers who are excluded from competing, due to a conflict with an adjudicator.  Adjudicators will be announced in December, and instructions will follow then, to recoup your deposit. Teachers who-se students are excluded due to a conflict will also be refunded, if they wish.

As always, we are enforcing a Facility Usage Fee for anyone who chooses not to stay in an official hotel. Please see full information in the attached document.  If you need to book multiple rooms, you may have to book them one by one, depending on which hotel’s booking system you are using.

The Daily Schedule for the event can be accessed here:


For full information about the event, visit:


Note on hotels from the Organizers:


According to our hotel contacts, the Orlando World Marriott Center, the host hotel for the NAIDC 2016, is currently sold out of rooms.

For an event of this size, it is not realistic to think that everyone will fit into the host hotel. This is a huge hotel and we have almost the full run of the hotel for our event. However, given the size of the North American Irish Dance Championships, it will still not fit everyone that wants to stay there.

I know that some families are frustrated that you attempted to book, right as the block opened and still did not get in. The reality is that we had thousands of families trying to book at 10am. The booking systems can get temporarily overwhelmed, with some families even trying to book on multiple devices at the same time.

The rooms booked out within minutes this morning. It is not due to a shortage of rooms in the block, or anyone “sneaking” into the block early, we simply cannot accommodate every NAIDC attendee in one hotel.

We have a range of overflow hotels and opened this morning with 2,500 rooms available per night, on the peak nights.

Once the list of judges are released in December/early January, we expect a large batch of rooms to be released, due to conflicts with judges.

If our Overflow hotels book out, we will wait until the release of the judges names to contract more hotels, due to the expected new availability of rooms then.

If you book into an Overflow hotel, we will release your deposit there, if you then get a spot in the host hotel.

If you stay in any of our official blocks, in either our overflow hotels or the host hotel, you will not be subject to the Facility Usage Fee.

Thank you for your patience on this matter. There is no easy way to manage the opening of the booking and we fully understand how frustrating it can be. It is a testament to the popularity of Irish dancing and the enthusiasm of our dancing families. We are doing our best to accommodate all families and we look forward to welcoming you to Orlando in 2016.