Support a Family – Holiday Giving

During this Christmas season, our Gray School family would like to help those less fortunate then ourselves. Once again we are partnering with the Child & Family Agency of South East Connecticut to support a family in need this holiday.  We have been given a family of 6, and it is our goal to make their Christmas magical!

The Child and Family Agency has given us the following information about the family:

This family consists of Allison, her mother and stepfather, and their three younger sons. Allison’s brothers range from the age of 4 years old to the newest little addition, which was born in October, and just came home from the NICU last week. Mom is a stay at home mother, while Dad works 60-70 hours a week in a restaurant to financially support his family. Aside from financial burdens, there are several other stressors that play into the daily life of Allison’s family. Despite these challenges, this family remains very loving. Together, they are a group of resilient individuals that make up a wonderful and engaging family unit.

For those who wish to help out, we are asking for donations of the following:

  • Stop and Shop gift cards
  • Wall Mart gift cards
  • Target gift cards
  • Marshall’s gift cards
  • CVS gift cards
Any other (gift card) donations will be greatly appreciated as well. 

The items on each list will be on gift tags at each studio the week of December 7th.  You may sign out a tag, and then return your donation to class with the tag on it.  This will help us to avoid any duplication.  The tags are all numbered.  All items should be brought to class by Wednesday 16th.  The items should have the gift tag attached and be unwrapped.
Your generosity will be greatly appreciated.

Miss Iris, Miss Maura, Miss Christina and Mr. Craig

About The Polar Express Project

The Polar Express Project was founded in 1992, when East Lyme Auxiliary member, Dolores Albrecht & her children, decided that they wanted to help a family in need during the holidays.  They called Child & Family Agency and asked if there was a family that they could purchase gifts for. Dolores and her children shopped, wrapped and delivered gifts to our office just in time for the holidays.  In 2015, over twenty years later, the project has grown to serve approximately 500 children and their families.  This program would not be possible without the help of auxiliary members, corporate donors, our wonderful staff and members of the community.  Last year our agency provided holiday wishes through Project Polar Express to at-risk and in-need children and their families thanks to wonderful, giving people like you!

How It Works

C&F direct service staff recommends client families that would truly benefit from the Child & Family Agency Project Polar Express.  Each client family is asked to provide us with wish items that they need or could benefit from for $40 or less. Sponsors are then matched with a family and given their first names, ages and wish lists. Sponsors then deliver the gifts to one of our offices on certain dates and the clinicians then deliver them to the families in need.

How You Can Help

We have Giving Trees at each of the Gray School Studios.  Together with your family, please choose a tag from the tree and donate a gift for our sponsored family.  We will collect all the items and ensure that they get to the Child and Family Agency and from there to a family in need.