NE Oireachtas Results


Ladies Under 20
Kaela Gray Milewski – 4th Place – WQ and NQ

Girls Under 14
Gillian Gray Milewski – 11th Place – WQ and NQ

Girls Under 12
Addison Kosiewicz  –  14th Place – NQ

Girls Under 17
Bridget Souriyamath – 19th Place – NQ
Isabella Giles – 22nd Place – NQ

Girls Under 16
Molly Yourell – 26th Place – NQ

Traditional Set

Under 14
Magaret  Rommel – 1st Place

Under 12B
Erin Nygard – 2nd Place
Sarah Colangelo – 15th Place

Under 11 A
Madelynn Katz – 4th place

Under 7
Nathan Belknap – 8th place

Under 11 B
Tiernan Curran – 9th place

Under 9B
Hannah Belknap – 15th place

Under 8A
Erin Conlan – 18th place


Mixed 4 Hand Under 12 – 9th Place
Samantha Fiske, Addison Kosiewicz and  Ronan and Tiernan Curran

4 Hand Ceili Under 12A – 12th Place
Sarah Colangelo, Samantha Fiske, Madelynn Katz and Erin Nygard

4 Hand Ceili Over 15A – 20th Place
Cassie McKiernan, Kellie Sablone, Bridget Souriyamath and Molly Yourell

4 Hand Over 15A – 22nd Place
Hanna Babek, Isabella Giles, Kaela Gray Milewski and Margaret Rommel