Adelaide Gray Memorial Scholarship 2020


Adelaide Gray Memorial Scholarship Application

All applicants are required to meet the following criteria:

♦ Presently be a registered student at the Gray School of Irish Dance

♦ A High School senior graduating in the spring of 2020 planning to attend an undergraduate college or university, or dancers who are currently enrolled in a college or university as a full time student.

Name:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone: ________________________________________ Email: ________________________________________________________ Social Security Number – required by the State of Connecticut: _____________________________________________________________ Name of present High School/College:_________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________________State:_________________Zip Code:__________ Day and Time of Irish Dance Class ___________________________________________________________________________________ Dance Level: _____________________________________ Number of years in Irish Dance: _____________________________________ Signature: _______________________________________ Date: ___________________________________________________________ Required Attachments:

1. An Essay – Throughout the whole of 2020, our entire community has faced many never before seen challenges. An Irish Dancer is constantly tried by adversity. Knowing that dancing has taught you a certain level of resilience, describe to us in 2 pages, doubled spaced with 12 point font, how you have transferred your ability to persevere through out your dancing career to today’s current situation regarding COVID-19.
2. Please include a copy of your high school or college transcript

If for some reason you do not attend the college listed and/or do not begin on the stated start date, you are required to either contact the Scholarship Committee at (203) 270-7001 immediately or return the scholarship funds to the Gray Foundation Inc. – P.O. Box 355 – Lyme, CT 06371.

I agree to the conditions of this scholarship.
Signature: ______________________________________ Date:___________________________________________________________

Please mail the completed application to: The Gray Foundation, Inc (marked scholarship application)
P. O. Box 355 – Old Lyme, CT 06371 – by May 30, 2020. The essay should also be emailed to

Print your application here: 2020 GrayFoundation Scholarship app.pages