2005 Major Championships Results

2005 All Ireland Championships Alexandra Siega – 12th place Girls Under 15 2005 World Championships Alexandra Siega – 14th place Girls Under 15 Girls Ceili Under 16 – 18th place Shannon Hayes, Colleen Mello, Bridget Nyland, Sarah Mulvihill Oravecz, Erin Pedone, Tilly Philbrick, Katie Sharnick and Alexandra Siega 2005 North American Nationals Solo Championships Alexandra

NERO 2005 Results

Open Solo Winners * World Qualifier – starts with girls and boys under 10 and older Christina Dolzall – 1st place Ladies Under 21* Alexandra Siega – 1st place Girls Under 15* Hali Thorne – 1st place Girls Under 11* Catherine Thorne – 2nd place Girls Under 17* Kelly McCourt – 2nd place Girls Under